Mobile emergency vehicle Diesel engine Drive Dry Self Priming water Pump for flood

Short Description:

Model No:SPDW

SPDW series Movable Diesel Engine self-priming Water Pumps for emergency are joint designed by  DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and REEOFLO company of Germany . This series of pump can transport all kinds of clean, neutral and corrosive medium containing particles. Solve a lot of traditional self-priming pump faults.  This kind of self-priming pump unique dry running structure will be automatic startup and restart  without liquid for first start,  The suction head can be more than 9 m; Excellent hydraulic design and unique structure keep the high efficiency more than 75%.  And different structure installation for optional..


Technical data




Diameter DN25-400 mm
Capacity 15-2500 m3/h
Head up to 100m
Liquid Temperature up to 70 ºC


1. Suction head reach to 9.5 m   

Vertical suction lift in under 1 minute even on "snore"

 2.Quick start and restart   

No need feeding water before start, first start is the same way.

Reduce the site work

 3. Long use time-Heavy duty internal pump bearings  

 4. Pass the solid particles up to 75 mm   

  sensible choice under various working condition.  Due to pass the large diameter solid particles, so this SPH pumps are suitable for deep.

5.High capacity air handing can be qualified for Well point dewatering engineering.  

6. Move the work site at any time for we have double wheels and single wheel design.   

7. By controlled floating gas water separation system to ensure that the suction-extended priming efficiency- rapid on-site change in minutes ( mechanical seal option.)

8. Built-in fuel tank for longer running    ( Additional fuel tank available optional )

9. Automatic startup control panel.

10. Super size inspection hole cover to facility clean.

11. Dry running ability.  

12. Air separator tank easy for service, stainless steel material is optional.

13. Long running time with minimal service intervention.   

 14 . Flange standard: GB, HG, DIN, ANSI standard, according to your requirements.  

 15. A variety of material to choose   

Cast iron/ stainless steel/ steel/ Ductile iron/ Duplex stainless steel 

Shaft seal: mechanical seal / packing seal 

* subject to geology, fluid density, losses

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  • Specification/performance data

      SPDW-80 SPDW-100 SPDW-150 SPDW-200 SPDW-250 SPDW-300 SPDW-400
    Engine Power /Speed-KW/rpm 11/2900 24/1800(1500) 36/1800(1500) 60/1800(1500) 110/1800(1500) 163/1800(1500) 330/1800(1500)
    L x W x H (cm)
    170 x 119 x 110 194 x 145 x 15 220 x 150 x 164 243 x 157 x 18 263x160x170 310X1750X180 355X180X190
    olids Handling - mm 40 44 48 52 58 65 75
    Max Head/Max Flow - m/M3/h 40/130 45/180 44/400 65/600 56/900 54/1200 76/2500

    More detail about our Movable Diesel Engine self-priming Water Pumps for emergency please contact Tongke Flow.

    Multi-purpose solution:

    • Standard sump pumping

    • Slurry & semi solid material

    • Well pointing - high vacuum pump capacity

    • Dry running applications

    • 24 hour reliability

    • Designed for high ambient environments

    Market Sectors:

    • Building & Construction - well pointing and sump pumping

    • Water & Waste - over pumping and systems bypass

    • Quarries & Mines - sump pumping

    • Emergency Water Control - sump pumping

    • Docks, Ports & Harbors - sump pumping and stabilization of loads


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