Test Service


The water pump test Center is the hardware and software device that carries out ex-factory test and type test for submersible electric pump.

TEST CENTER By the national industrial pump quality supervision evaluation, in line with the national standards <ROTARY POWER HYDRAULIC PERFORMANCE TEST> Grade 1&2, <Test Methods for Submersible Electric Pump> Grade 1.


The test center is near the workshop in the same industrial, here is the pump perfornace test capacity.

32BH2BC Test water volume 1200m3, Pool Depth:8.5m

32BH2BC Max Electrical motor Test power: 2000KW

32BH2BC Max Engine Test power: 1500KW

32BH2BC Test Voltage: 380V-10KV

32BH2BC Test frequency: ≤60HZ

32BH2BC Test dimension: DN100-DN1200


TKFLO will supply test service our customers , and quality team is committed to the control of product quality, and offer test and inspections service at the production process and delivery inspection, to Ensure that the product is delivered in full compliance with the requirements.

Item Test project Test report Witness Third party witness
1 Pump performance test
2 Pump casing pressure test
3 Impeller dynamic balance test    
4 Machinery Test
5 Pump main parts Material Chemistry analyze
6 Ultrasonic Test
7 Surface and painting Check
8 Dimension check
9 Vibration and noise test

Some test item is for free for our customers, some  items need cost. Please contact us for quick and easy reply.

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