After Service

TKFLO supply reliable service for Installation and debugging , Spare parts, Maintenance and repair and the equipment upgrades and improvement

Installation and commissioning of systems

We will provide guidance on the installation and commissioning instructions for the pumps

32BH2BC Our company is responsible for guidance to install and commissioning

Expert help on site, if customers request. Experienced service enginner from TKFLO Service professionally and reliably install pumps.

Travel expenses and labor costs, please confirm with TKFLO.

32BH2BC Helping users to examining attendants.

Inspection of the supplied pumps, valves, etc.

Verification of system requirements and conditions

Supervising all installation steps

Leak tests

Correct alignment of the pump sets

Inspection of measuring instruments fitted for pump protection

Supervising the commissioning, test runs and trial operations including records of operating data

32BH2BC Helping users to train.

TKFLO offers you and your employees an extensive training programme on the functioning, selection, operation and servicing of pumps and valves. On the proper and safe operation of pumps and valves, including service issues.

Spare parts

Excellent spare parts availability minimizes unplanned downtime and safeguards the high performance of your machine.

32BH2BC We will provide a two-year list of spare parts according to your product type for your reference.

32BH2BC We can quickly provide you with the spare parts you need in the process of use in case of loss caused by the long downtime.

Maintenance and repair

Regular servicing and professional maintenance strategies help to significantly extend a system’s life cycle.

TKLO will repair pumps, motors of any make and – if requested – modernise them to the latest technological standards. With many years of experience and proven manufacturer know-how, ensures the reliable operation and long service life of your system.

32BH2BC Inspecting service all the life, guiding and safeguard maintaining.

32BH2BC Keep in touch with ordering unit regularly, pay a return visit regularly , so as to ensure user's equipment normal running.

32BH2BC When pumps are repaired, we will be recorded in the history file.

The equipment upgrades and improvement

32BH2BC Free offering the scheme of improving for user's charge;

32BH2BC Offering economical and practical improvement products and fittings.

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