6 Sets Well Point Pumps Are Well Received by EVOMEC

Tongke Flow supplied 6 sets of well point pump sets for EVOMEC in 2019.  It's the two wheels movable type dry self priming diesel engine type. Pump model : SPDW150, Capacity: 360m3/h, Head : 28 m, and also with pipe parts and well point  . EVOMEC is a leader in multidisciplinary engineering, construction and oil and gas services with unrivaled breadth of expertise to match the scope of our skills and the extent of our services in any project whether on land or at sea. They have own engineer team and very professional and we are very happy to work with them.

As for the the critical global pandemi, we can't send engineers for local service. After the efforts of both parties and online communication. We have solved the problem that the vacuum pump temperature is too high under high temperature working conditions.

We are so glad that the pump sets operation well and got the mail for cheer:

" I've been able to set up all the six units and have tested 3 of them which are really impressively working great!! (videos and photos coming soon).

I really appreciate each one of you that has gone extra miles to achieve these. Thanks so much!

As known the accessories, well points (filters) where wrongly designed, I've purchased new filters to reconstruct them (pictures attached) in other to use the units.

I'll be needing to purchase some parts like the engine injectors/fuel pumps, sensors, Impellers etc. With this regards, Could you send me parts/maintenance manuals or any of the documents that can help to be able to identify the right parts accordingly. "

Thanks for customers' sincerity and trust, we will continue to strive to provide customers with better products and services.


Post time: Oct-27-2020